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October 29th, 2013 12:29 UTC

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We’ve moved! As of today, the Yahoo! Answers official blog has moved to yahoofinance.tumblr.com. Come on over and check out the new digs!

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Yahoo! Finance Introduces MarketDash for iPad

February 25th, 2011 8:08 UTC

Posted by Yahoo Finance Team in General, mobile, Portfolios

Earlier this week Yahoo! Finance launched a brand new app for the top-selling tablet on the market. iPad users now have anytime access to their portfolios and stocks they care about most through MarketDash. The new iPad app provides real-time market data, news and charts, letting you walk away from your desk, yet still stay in sync with your investments.

The interactive app takes advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch capabilities so you can manipulate views of stock charts; the ability to scroll across hours, days or months of market action; plot points in time; and even compare multiple stock tickers in one compelling chart. Anyone interested in following the market, or specific stocks on the iPad can now use Yahoo! Finance’s reliable and personalized tools anywhere, anytime.

We’ve become so dependent on our mobile devices that it’s important to have a seamless experience across all of the technology we use on a daily basis. That’s why Yahoo! Finance provides centralized storage of portfolios and watch lists.

Add a stock to a watch list from your iPad and it will show up instantly in the Yahoo! Finance app for iPhone or Android phones or when you view your portfolio on Yahoo! Finance. No matter where you log in to your account you will see updated and personalized portfolio data.

To download MarketDash, go to the App Store or search for MarketDash in the App Store from your iPad!

Preview the New Yahoo! Finance Portfolios

February 9th, 2011 3:28 UTC

Posted by Yahoo Finance Team in General, Portfolios, User Experience

Ongoing product innovation is important to Yahoo! and we constantly test various product designs and features to gain valuable feedback and insights from our users. Part of this process includes identifying how we can make Yahoo! Finance even more useful and personally relevant.

On Tuesday night we started testing a new Yahoo! Finance Portfolio experience in the US to further enhance usability. Based on feedback about certain key features, we have chosen to move users back to the previous Portfolio experience and will make additional updates and modifications before we roll out the new features to our US users. The previous version will be back as soon as possible – we’re hoping to have it restored by the end of the day (Thursday).

Unrelated to the Portfolios redesign, we are currently experiencing an issue on a small select set of tickers on Yahoo! Finance. Tickers such as SPY, FPX, PLND, KCE and others. The team is actively working to restore these tickers. As a result, your Portfolio experience may show “No such ticker symbol”. We will have this issue resolved shortly.

Users that preferred the updated version can continue to access it through tour U.K. site or our Canada site. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused.

We’ll soon be launching a new version of Yahoo! Finance portfolios in the US. The update features a sleek new design, more flexible ways to create, view and modify portfolios, and a more intuitive user interface. All of your existing portfolios data will remain intact.

Below is a list of improvements that we think you’ll enjoy:

  • Creating portfolios: Simplified and streamlined the process.
  • Editing portfolios: Add and remove symbols directly from portfolio view page.
  • Adding holdings: Easily add holdings and cost-basis information used to calculate value and performance.
  • Sorting your data: Instantly sort data by clicking the table headings (“Last trade,” “Volume,” “Mkt Cap,” …).
  • New ‘Recent Quotes’ page: Detailed views from the popular “Recent Quotes” module on the front page.
  • Additional ways to create portfolios: Your “Recent Quotes” and “Multiple Quote” results can be saved as a portfolio for quick future access.
  • New Yahoo! Finance Portfolios (screenshot)

    For a sneak peak at the new Yahoo! Finance portfolios, please visit our U.K. site or our Canada site, where the new design has already been launched. After you have logged in, click on the “My Portfolios” tab, and you will be able to view your portfolios as they will appear after the U.S. launch.

    Portfolios are one of the top features on Yahoo! Finance and we will continue to refine the portfolios section and add new features and innovations over the coming months. Feel free to use the ‘Feedback’ link on the UK or Canada sites. We’ll also have ‘Feedback’ turned on in the US when we launch.

    Whether you use portfolios to track your actual investments, to manage watchlists of companies or a combination of both, it’s our goal to deliver the functionality you need with an intuitive and reliable solution.

    Are you on the hunt for the perfect tip, investing ideas or community thoughts around a particular ticker/company? Find it cumbersome to navigate from one site to another on the web? Want to stay in the know on the insider transactions, quarterly earnings, and analyst’s upgrades/downgrades all on the same page?

    Your Yahoo! Finance team has a solution! Today, we released ‘Market Pulse’ which is an aggregated stream of information from around the web. We blend the quality data from our launch partners such as Stocktwits and Covestor with internal feeds to show what’s happening in real time. We believe this continuous stream of information will help you get an edge on your trades. More partners will be joining the stream soon.

    Market Pulse

    Trending Pulse: While you are reading the pulse, you may be interested to know what’s buzzing on Market Pulse on Yahoo! Finance. Trending Pulse helps you identify companies that have an unusual amount of buzz among active investors throughout the tickers on Yahoo! Finance. We are very happy with the results and have discovered some interesting companies in this process. Hope you will find it useful too.

    Trending Pulse

    We have added feedback links at the bottom of all the Market Pulse pages. As always, we appreciate your feedback on the site.

    Happy Investing !!!

    -The Market Pulse team

    Yahoo! Finance Europe, Rebooted

    November 18th, 2010 6:38 UTC

    Posted by Yahoo Finance Team in General

    The globalization train marches on. We have re-launched all the 5 sites in Europe. Investors in Europe now have access to all the good stuff that Yahoo! Finance has to offer. Here is a list of major new features :

    • Modern look and feel.
    • Quotes data now gets streamed.
    • Find stocks, funds and other instruments easily using the Autocomplete search box.
    • Watch business Videos.
    • New interactive charts.
    • Share articles on Facebook and Twitter.

    Check out the new sites :

    Happy Investing !!!

    Yahoo! Brings #1 Finance Site to Android

    October 5th, 2010 4:51 UTC

    Posted by Yahoo Finance Team in General, mobile, New Features

    Today we’re very excited to announce the launch of our brand new Yahoo! Finance app for Android. Now our users with an Android device have access to the No. 1 finance site in the U.S. – built specifically for their phone.

    With Yahoo! Finance for Android, some of the great features customers get include:

    • Real-time quotes*
    • Customizable stock watch list
    • Access to Yahoo! Finance portfolios
    • Company stats and news
    • Tech Ticker videos

    At launch the app is available only in the U.S., but soon we’ll make it available around the world with local content for each market.

    To get the app, simply visit the Android Market from your Android device and search for Yahoo!. You’ll see Yahoo! Finance listed alongside some of the other great apps we’ve launched for Android.

    You can also scan this barcode with your Android phone to access the app:

    Download Yahoo! Finance for Android

    Yahoo! Finance for Android

    We hope you love the app!

    Carl Teeple – North America product lead, mobile media products
    Aaron Zitzer – Yahoo! Finance Product Manager

    * Real-Time quotes provided by BATS Exchange

    Australia and New Zealand Yahoo! Finance get a makeover

    September 1st, 2010 8:44 UTC

    Posted by Yahoo Finance Team in General

    We are pleased to roll out new Yahoo! Finance sites for Australia and New Zealand . This is part of our strategy to bring all Yahoo! Finance properties on the global platform that allows us to roll out new features uniformly.

    We kick started the globalization process with the launch of new sites in Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Singapore in Mar 2010. Australia and New Zealand are part of the second wave. This does not end here. By the end of this year we would migrate many more regions to our global platform.

    Our users from Down Under now have access to a highly improved charts experience. The charts are now bigger and interactive. Find tickers easily using the “Autocomplete” quote search box. The news reading experience has been enhanced. Share your favorite news articles on Facebook and Twitter using the Share buttons embedded in each article page. Check the market movers on the front-page.

    Happy Investing!!

    Yahoo! Finance launches wider, cleaner quotes and investment pages

    August 31st, 2010 12:14 UTC

    Posted by Yahoo Finance Team in User Experience

    What would you do if your trendy new shoes had the same comfort as your old pair of shoes?
    Wear them even more often than the old ones, right?

    We, the Yahoo! Finance team, constantly strive to maintain the reliability and ease of use of our site and at the same time keep up with changing needs of our users and the provide best experiences that newer technologies enable.
    Today we released the existing Yahoo! Finance quotes pages in the new wide format, easier to read tables and bigger charts but same old navigation and content for which you always come to Yahoo! Finance.

    Quotes summary page (ex: http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=yhoo) now has a wider table for easy readability, a bigger chart and a quick link above the chart to add the current ticker to your portfolio. Other tool box links such as set alert, download data are now available on the bottom right corner of the page.


    Basic Charts/Technical Analysis pages now have bigger charts for better readability. You no longer have to click on ‘L’ link to see the bigger chart. You can now see all your favorite types of charts such as candlesticks, bar and line type in a larger format.


    Order Book page provides REAL TIME price and percent change as well as bid/ask (price and size) information.


    The Company, Analyst and other data pages such as Historical prices and Options, now have new fonts and wider table layouts which makes it really easy to read large chunks of financial data. In addition all the investment pages (ex:http://finance.yahoo.com/actives?e=us) are also in the wider format.


    We have added feedback links at the bottom of all quotes pages. We appreciate your feedback on our site.

    Now even easier to compare investments and read press releases on Yahoo! Finance

    July 29th, 2010 5:07 UTC

    Posted by Yahoo Finance Team in General

    We know you all spend time each day monitoring your current and researching new investments. Today Yahoo! Finance rolled out a series of new features to help you in this process, and also to help you discover new opportunities and news. Here is an overview of your new site features:

    On Equity “Ticker” pages (example: YHOO, AAPL), you can now find comparisons between the ticker you are looking at and other related tickers in the same industry. Comparisons are shown between the daily price change %, as well as market cap.

    Equity Comparison

    For “Indices” pages (example: DJI), you now quickly get the biggest gainers and losers for the index listed right on the ticker home page.

    Index Components

    For “Mutual Fund” quote pages (example: VFINX), you now get a quick snapshot of the Top Holdings right on the top level page — as many of you requested.


    For all of our analysts out there…We have broken out Press Releases for you on each ticker page. Now you get quick access to the most recent official company announcements. We know that with all the news we offer it can often be difficult to find the original press release. This should now be easier for you.


    Last but not least, Aaron Task and his tech|ticker videos are now viewable from your iPad. Check out the latest video from Aaron: Foreclosures Up in 1H But So Is Housing Affordability: “Let’s Not Throw In the Towel”

    New Yahoo! Finance sites in Latin America and Southeast Asia

    May 19th, 2010 9:21 UTC

    Posted by Yahoo Finance Team in General

    Today the Yahoo! Finance team rolled out new Yahoo! Finance sites in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Singapore. Already in 20+ countries around the world, this is the first wave of a global Yahoo! Finance platform that is rolling out across the globe. This global platform now enables new countries to be onboarded at a rapid pace, and all countries receive new features at the same time. If you are one of our users in these new countries, you will be excited to know that these sites are now upgraded with functionality you have seen on this U.S. website. This includes a new News reading experience, currency tools, localized content, a new Investing section, interactive charts, and more. Watch the sites closely over the coming months as additional content is added, as well as improvements to our industry leading Quote web pages.

    Thank you for making Yahoo! Finance the #1 place you research and watch your investments – globally!

    David Putnam
    Sr. Director, Yahoo! Finance