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May 22nd, 2008 8:00 UTC

Posted by Yahoo Finance Team in Tech Ticker, Video

Taking stock of techDid you know that in any given week, technology stocks represent at least seven of the ten most-searched quotes on Yahoo! Finance? We did, and that’s why in recently Tech Ticker — a new video initiative from Yahoo! Finance focused entirely on technology investing.

Some consider the tech sector the fantasy sports of the investing world, and clearly our users are hungry for more in this area.Reporting from both the Silicon Valley and the NASDAQ MarketSite broadcast studio in New York, we plan to provide the most in-depth technology investing coverage on the web. Expect Tech Ticker to be both quirky and opinionated. Our renowned editorial team couldn’t be stronger:

  • Sarah Lacy, Correspondent, Silicon Valley: A 10-year Valley veteran, you may read her biweekly column titled “Valley Girl.” She literally wrote the book on the business and culture of the Silicon Valley.
  • Aaron Task, Correspondent, New York: He covered Wall Street for a decade at, is a frequent guest on major business news programs and his daily podcast “The Real Story” was an award winner on iTunes.
  • Henry Blodget, Contributor, New York: You know the history. Now meet Henry Blodget 2.0, author of the award-winning blog, Internet Outsider and now CEO of Silicon Alley Insider. Outspoken and battle-tested, Henry will never be at a loss for an opinion.
  • Andy Kessler, Contributor, Silicon Valley: A former Morgan Stanley analyst, Andy turned $100 million into $1 billion as co-founder of a technology hedge fund. He began his career designing chips at Bell Labs and is now a best-selling author.

And me — I’m Diane Galligan, executive producer of Tech Ticker. I’m especially excited to join the Internet’s #1 finance website after nearly a decade of producing financial news with CNBC and CNN.

Expect 4-8 video segments a day, including breaking market analysis, CEO interviews, and even documentary style editorials. If you’re thinking this sounds a lot like FinanceVision, it’s not. We’re offering short video-on-demand clips that are focused on a single sector of the market, rather than live streaming coverage of the entire stock market. FinanceVision was actually ahead of its time. We hope to learn from their experience, and take advantage of the many ways the Web and Web video have since evolved.

The videos can be found on the Tech Ticker site, or in the headline feeds of the tech stocks we cover. And what about our coverage of Yahoo!? The answer is simple. We have not only the freedom, but the mandate, to call it as we see it.

You can go to see for yourself. Let us know what you think is working, what’s not and what you want to see. Hope to hear from you — and enjoy!

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