Comprehensive Mortgage & Loan Rates on Y! Finance

May 23rd, 2008 10:30 UTC

Posted by Yahoo Finance Team in New Features

best mortgage ratesYahoo! Finance recently made it easier for you to get loan and savings rates. You can now find up-to-date mortgage rates, home refinance rates, home equity loan rates, auto loans, credit card rates, and deposit rates (CDs and Money Markets) with just a few clicks.

Viewing average rates in your locale (U.S. only at this time) for today and last week is really easy. The Yahoo! system returns rates meeting your criteria, and we give you direct access to apply right then and there, or you can use the phone number we offer so that you can contact the provider via voice.

Additionally, our new improved “Rates Module” offers a comprehensive catalog of credit cards. Whether you’re looking for a lower-interest card or business card, or want to leverage rewards points, you can find them all here, and compare rates to the card you presently carry. Try it now to find the best rates and start saving.

Quality rates and credit card offerings are brought to you in conjunction with our partners and

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