Comprehensive Coverage on Commodities Futures on Yahoo! Finance

July 2nd, 2008 4:30 UTC

Posted by Yahoo Finance Team in General

Yahoo! Finance is the industry leader for providing up-to-date information on companies, including free real-time quotes. Did you know that we also provide comprehensive coverage on commodities?

Commodities Futures Prices on Yahoo FinanceGo to to discover what’s happening with commodities.

With energy prices soaring, energy futures provide insight into where the market thinks energy prices are headed. Precious metals (for example, gold) are considered a safe haven in uncertain times, and you can find out about what the current trend is under the Metals tab. Food prices are captured under Grains (corn, for instance) and also under Livestock (e.g., pork bellies — so much for pork barrel politics!). To round it all out, there are even indices that track the overall commodities.

Check out futures to understand where the market thinks the prices are headed!

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