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October 15th, 2008 3:35 UTC

Yahoo! Finance Goes Global

Posted by Yahoo Finance Team in General

At midnight on Tuesday, something great happened. Something BRILLIANT. Yahoo! Finance launched 15 new pages across Europe to some great user feedback. But it wasn’t just the pages that we should be rightly proud of –- it’s the united Global Yahoo! Finance team behind it; the upgraded processes and infrastructure behind the design.

Engineers, programme and product managers in eight Yahoo! offices and four time zones worked as One Yahoo! to make the vision of a Global Finance Team a reality. Until six months ago, the vast majority had never worked together or even met – but this hasn’t stopped us working as a team and delivering a great product.

Together, we’ve upgraded the technology behind the scenes and linked together the EU and US infrastructure systems. We’ve successfully piloted brand new Global Finance QA processes and run joint EU/US maintenance sprints.

We now work in a 24 hour cycle. The US programmers assign everyone their tasks. The US engineers code, the QA team in Grenoble tests the code whilst the EU engineering carry on their work, the product mangers and production team prioritise the bugs, update specs and do translations in time for the evening call. And then we start all over again.

This means we get great products to market quickly and we’re better supported than ever.

And the pages we launched? Well – the quotes pages now have automatically streaming share prices to keep our users up to date and some pages have been given a fresh look designed to make it easier to digest the financial information. In the current climate it’s never been so crucial to know what’s going on. Here are some links:

• New share price summary page
Multiquote page
• Portfolios – if you’ve got a Yahoo! login create portfolio on the site

So what did our users think of the new pages? Here are just a few of the emails:

Jena: “The new look & design is what I have been waiting for. This is fabulous, 5***** quality. Keep it up.”

Adam Buchannan: “New portfolio page is brilliant, especially the streaming data.”

And this is just the start. We’re working together on the news article pages for launch in the US this month and new charts and search functionality for the EU in November. And there’s sooo much more to come! Finance IS exciting – and it’s never looked so good. ;)

Well done the Global Finance Team!