Now even easier to compare investments and read press releases on Yahoo! Finance

July 29th, 2010 5:07 UTC

Posted by Yahoo Finance Team in General

We know you all spend time each day monitoring your current and researching new investments. Today Yahoo! Finance rolled out a series of new features to help you in this process, and also to help you discover new opportunities and news. Here is an overview of your new site features:

On Equity “Ticker” pages (example: YHOO, AAPL), you can now find comparisons between the ticker you are looking at and other related tickers in the same industry. Comparisons are shown between the daily price change %, as well as market cap.

Equity Comparison

For “Indices” pages (example: DJI), you now quickly get the biggest gainers and losers for the index listed right on the ticker home page.

Index Components

For “Mutual Fund” quote pages (example: VFINX), you now get a quick snapshot of the Top Holdings right on the top level page — as many of you requested.


For all of our analysts out there…We have broken out Press Releases for you on each ticker page. Now you get quick access to the most recent official company announcements. We know that with all the news we offer it can often be difficult to find the original press release. This should now be easier for you.


Last but not least, Aaron Task and his tech|ticker videos are now viewable from your iPad. Check out the latest video from Aaron: Foreclosures Up in 1H But So Is Housing Affordability: “Let’s Not Throw In the Towel”