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August 31st, 2010 12:14 UTC

Yahoo! Finance launches wider, cleaner quotes and investment pages

Posted by Yahoo Finance Team in User Experience

What would you do if your trendy new shoes had the same comfort as your old pair of shoes?
Wear them even more often than the old ones, right?

We, the Yahoo! Finance team, constantly strive to maintain the reliability and ease of use of our site and at the same time keep up with changing needs of our users and the provide best experiences that newer technologies enable.
Today we released the existing Yahoo! Finance quotes pages in the new wide format, easier to read tables and bigger charts but same old navigation and content for which you always come to Yahoo! Finance.

Quotes summary page (ex: now has a wider table for easy readability, a bigger chart and a quick link above the chart to add the current ticker to your portfolio. Other tool box links such as set alert, download data are now available on the bottom right corner of the page.


Basic Charts/Technical Analysis pages now have bigger charts for better readability. You no longer have to click on ‘L’ link to see the bigger chart. You can now see all your favorite types of charts such as candlesticks, bar and line type in a larger format.


Order Book page provides REAL TIME price and percent change as well as bid/ask (price and size) information.


The Company, Analyst and other data pages such as Historical prices and Options, now have new fonts and wider table layouts which makes it really easy to read large chunks of financial data. In addition all the investment pages (ex: are also in the wider format.


We have added feedback links at the bottom of all quotes pages. We appreciate your feedback on our site.