Preview the New Yahoo! Finance Portfolios

February 9th, 2011 3:28 UTC

Posted by Yahoo Finance Team in General, Portfolios, User Experience

Ongoing product innovation is important to Yahoo! and we constantly test various product designs and features to gain valuable feedback and insights from our users. Part of this process includes identifying how we can make Yahoo! Finance even more useful and personally relevant.

On Tuesday night we started testing a new Yahoo! Finance Portfolio experience in the US to further enhance usability. Based on feedback about certain key features, we have chosen to move users back to the previous Portfolio experience and will make additional updates and modifications before we roll out the new features to our US users. The previous version will be back as soon as possible – we’re hoping to have it restored by the end of the day (Thursday).

Unrelated to the Portfolios redesign, we are currently experiencing an issue on a small select set of tickers on Yahoo! Finance. Tickers such as SPY, FPX, PLND, KCE and others. The team is actively working to restore these tickers. As a result, your Portfolio experience may show “No such ticker symbol”. We will have this issue resolved shortly.

Users that preferred the updated version can continue to access it through tour U.K. site or our Canada site. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused.

We’ll soon be launching a new version of Yahoo! Finance portfolios in the US. The update features a sleek new design, more flexible ways to create, view and modify portfolios, and a more intuitive user interface. All of your existing portfolios data will remain intact.

Below is a list of improvements that we think you’ll enjoy:

  • Creating portfolios: Simplified and streamlined the process.
  • Editing portfolios: Add and remove symbols directly from portfolio view page.
  • Adding holdings: Easily add holdings and cost-basis information used to calculate value and performance.
  • Sorting your data: Instantly sort data by clicking the table headings (“Last trade,” “Volume,” “Mkt Cap,” …).
  • New ‘Recent Quotes’ page: Detailed views from the popular “Recent Quotes” module on the front page.
  • Additional ways to create portfolios: Your “Recent Quotes” and “Multiple Quote” results can be saved as a portfolio for quick future access.
  • New Yahoo! Finance Portfolios (screenshot)

    For a sneak peak at the new Yahoo! Finance portfolios, please visit our U.K. site or our Canada site, where the new design has already been launched. After you have logged in, click on the “My Portfolios” tab, and you will be able to view your portfolios as they will appear after the U.S. launch.

    Portfolios are one of the top features on Yahoo! Finance and we will continue to refine the portfolios section and add new features and innovations over the coming months. Feel free to use the ‘Feedback’ link on the UK or Canada sites. We’ll also have ‘Feedback’ turned on in the US when we launch.

    Whether you use portfolios to track your actual investments, to manage watchlists of companies or a combination of both, it’s our goal to deliver the functionality you need with an intuitive and reliable solution.