Yahoo! Finance Introduces MarketDash for iPad

February 25th, 2011 8:08 UTC

Posted by Yahoo Finance Team in General, mobile, Portfolios

Earlier this week Yahoo! Finance launched a brand new app for the top-selling tablet on the market. iPad users now have anytime access to their portfolios and stocks they care about most through MarketDash. The new iPad app provides real-time market data, news and charts, letting you walk away from your desk, yet still stay in sync with your investments.

The interactive app takes advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch capabilities so you can manipulate views of stock charts; the ability to scroll across hours, days or months of market action; plot points in time; and even compare multiple stock tickers in one compelling chart. Anyone interested in following the market, or specific stocks on the iPad can now use Yahoo! Finance’s reliable and personalized tools anywhere, anytime.

We’ve become so dependent on our mobile devices that it’s important to have a seamless experience across all of the technology we use on a daily basis. That’s why Yahoo! Finance provides centralized storage of portfolios and watch lists.

Add a stock to a watch list from your iPad and it will show up instantly in the Yahoo! Finance app for iPhone or Android phones or when you view your portfolio on Yahoo! Finance. No matter where you log in to your account you will see updated and personalized portfolio data.

To download MarketDash, go to the App Store or search for MarketDash in the App Store from your iPad!